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Helix Soap Co

Hi, We are Eric and Krista of Helix Soap Co. We're a small family run company in the hills of La Mesa. We have three small boys and use a lot of soap! We grew tired of single-use plastics and unpronounceable ingredients and wanted something we trusted for our family. We’re avid gardeners with a passion to eat local, sustainable and clean. We grow much of our own fruits and vegetables and that passion has expanded to our soap making products and ingredients. Many recipes are garden-inspired and are made from ingredients in our own backyard including calendula, lavender, luffa, honey, beeswax, propolis, mint and turmeric. Our goat milk is raw, locally-sourced and not powdered, preserved or shipped in. We can’t wait to meet you!

Heat & Cool Packs

These hand-sewn bags are filled with cracked corn and made with your comfort in mind. Each bag has a variety of different uses, making it essential to your household. Pop it in the freezer for use on sore muscles, headaches, bumps, and bruises or even just to cool down on a hot day. The small ones are great to keep in the freezer for kids and their boo-boos the bag stays soft and flexible and the kids love them! Put one in the microwave in just two minutes the hot bag can help you with aches, pains or cramps, or warm you up and help your muscles relax. These bags include one removable, washable cover, which comes in dozens of design options making it the perfect gift for a lover of animals, sports and pop culture.

Twylla's Spices

My name is Twylla and I am the owner of Twylla's Spices and Essentials. Twylla's Spices and Essentials are spice blends for cooking that are additive free, preservative free and Vegan. There are 14 blends to choose from with various flavor profiles such as Mediterranean, Mexican and Italian blends. There are also blends available that are sodium free with the same bold flavor. In addition to seasoning blends, Twylla's Spices and Essentials offer meal kits like Chili, Buttermilk Cornbread, and Chicken Noodle Soup.

Rock Geeks

Rock Geeks officially began selling minerals and fossils in 2012. I sold at the odd craft show or rock prior to that, but not on an organized basis. I cater to entry level, collector level, and to those who just want a pretty piece. We keep the prices affordable and carry a wide and unusual variety of material. My background is a degree in geology and began serious collecting ever since junior college. We have connections with local San Diego County miners (for tourmaline) and wholesalers from around the USA and the world, and sometimes purchasing old collections.

The Charming Door

At The Charming Door I make high quality wreaths and decor to dress up your front door! I truly love how creative I can be with wreath making and so much love and thought goes into each and every design. For every season and holiday along with everyday looks for all year round! I also love custom orders and it would be a pleasure to bring your ideas to life and to your front door!

Made By A Girl - Lois Meyer

Art has always been my passion for over 50 years. Born & raised in California, I moved up to Washington in 1989. Up there, I did a lot of different kinds of graphics, like signage, illustrations and building design. I started wood art in Washington in March of 2013 for a friend who wanted his dog image as a letter holder. The art took off. So far I have done over 75 pieces. Wood pieces are done one at a time out of layers of 1/4" dense plywood. Each piece is cut, detailed with a rotary tool, glued and vised together. Seams are puttied. Primer coat, airbrushed, detailed with colored pencils, and sealed with poly spray. Depending on what is wanted & pieces involved, each wood art can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to complete.

Mary Skrabucha

Calming , Relaxing, Anti-Depressant , Antiseptic, Analgesic and so much more. Lavender is one of the most versatile Herbs ever. Over the past 15 years I have tried to make and represent multiple ways to use Lavender to help improve your life. I have sachets, pillows,Tea and even lotions. Please let me know how I can help you.

YB Normal Designs

For over 40 years, Birdie Galbraith has honed her craft, transforming her boundless creativity into wearable art and stunning home decor. Her artistry knows no limits, and her ability to bring forth the extraordinary from the ordinary is truly remarkable. At YB Normal Designs, we specialize in custom-made designs, where each creation is as distinct as the individual who wears or displays it.

The Creative Flamingo

Hello, I'm Lauren. I started The Creative Flamingo four years ago making home decor and wearable art. I love items that are not just cute to look at but can actually be used. I decorate aprons, towels, oven mitts, pillows, hats, and more. They dress up your kitchen / home and make great gifts too. This year my husband, Bill, is going to add to The Creative Flamingo. He was a professional chef for over 15 years and loves to collect vintage kitchen items. I think it's a great fit with what I make. Some new items, some vintage items...all awesome! Come check them out at YB Normal Designs.

8.25 Designs

8.25 Designs Sticker Shop is your local manufacturer specializing in fun and budget-friendly ways to showcase your personality. Our high-quality stickers are designed to add a touch of flair to your belongings without breaking the bank. From laptops to water bottles, our eye-catching designs capture the essence of who you are. With durable, waterproof, and UV-resistant materials, our stickers are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you're an individual expressing yourself or a business in need of promotional materials, we offer customizable options to suit your needs. Join the sticker revolution and let your personality shine!

Gail Vought

Hi, my name is Gail Vought. I have been a Consultant/Maker with Close To My Heart for over 26 years. I absolutely love creating and designing cards, scrapbook layouts, and many other paper crafting items. Teaching classes, workshops, and hosting retreats allows me to share my passion with others. Two of my favorite sayings are “Make It Your Own” and “There Is Never A Mistake Only An Opportunity To be Creative

Corbett Family Sweets

Corbett Family Sweets was created after our girls aged 13 & 12 experimented with freeze drying candy. They started selling candy to their friends and it was a big hit. We decided to take it a step farther and open a family business together, established April 2023. Freeze Dried Candy is a new take on all the classics. It makes everything crunchy and melt in your mouth. The process of freeze drying freezes the candy then vacuums all the moisture out. This is what makes the candy pouf up and go from chewy to crunchy. Come try them out!

DW Woodworks

Hi My name is Dylan with DW Wood Works. I am local East County family man who likes creating custom things from his garage. If you want it, I can make it!

Annette Cirillo

Annette Cirillo is a local artist with a passion for FUN ART. Always exploring new fun way to express myself through art. Whether it be acrylic on canvas,wood and resin art... always evolving.. always expanding.

The Wooden Ear

Hi! We are Jessica and Chad of The Wooden Ear. We hand paint, laser cut wooden earrings using untreated maple wood and sterling silver backings. We can do anything custom and can also turn them into ornaments or pins.

Judy Hammack

I've been sewing or making things most of my life and for the last twenty years I have enjoyed creating with fabric and selling my creations at craft shows.

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